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About us

According to current estimates, 21.4% of youth under the age of 18 are considered struggling readers. That's where MOBiDYS Canada comes in. Through its accessible and inclusive collections for schools and public libraries, the company's mission is to support young struggling readers by providing digital reading solutions tailored to their needs. Thanks to a personalized approach and innovative tools, MOBiDYS Canada allows young people of all levels to rediscover the pleasure of reading and to progress in their learning.

Public library

If you are a public library and you wish to offer accessible books to the young readers of your municipality.

School library

If you are a school library and you wish to offer accessible books to your students, ask for a free trial month.

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What is FROG?

FROG (FRee your cOGnition) is the technology that makes our books inclusive. FROG books are powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make reading accessible to people with specific learning disabilities. This technology incorporates a comprehensive toolkit of specialized reading aids.

The artificial intelligence we train offers reading facilitation tools that can be customized to suit the individual needs of each reader. These include features such as sentence breakdown into units of meaning (rhesis), syllable highlighting, narration, definition adapted to reading level, and much more.

Some numbers

15 +

Canadian publishers already trust us.

150 +

Canadian books already adapted.

18000 +

books borrowed in our first year of operation.

Nearly 40 publishers trust MOBiDYS

We collaborate with publishers in Canada and in France to offer you collections close to your needs.

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Articles, Testimonials and Reviews

They talk about us

MOBiDYS Canada is proud to share the positive opinions and experiences of its clients and partners, who have seen their daily lives transformed thanks to the innovative approach and cutting-edge technology of FROG Studios. These testimonials provide insight into MOBiDYS Canada's mission and its impact on the SpDL community.

"MobiDYS is now in Canada."

Les #Édubrèves

"A new collection of books for children with special needs."

Journal Métro

"Accessibility: 21 FROG books in the shared collection."

"The prize for the Best French Success Story in Quebec in the Startup French Tech category."

CCI Française au Canada
Our mission

Empower each one to read

Accessible book collections for young readers, available for public and school libraries.

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